Inspection of Places of Assembly(permit required if occupancy is greater than 50)

NFPA 101 defines an assembly as any building or portions of a building used for gathering together 50 or more persons for purposes as deliberation, worship, entertainment, eating, drinking, amusement, or awaiting transportation. NFPA 101 requires a minimum number of exits from places of assembly. This office calculates the maximum number of occupants within an assembly area based on NFPA 101 and posts the maximum number allowed for that occupancy. By doing this, occupants are provided an environment with an adequate number of exits so they can exit the building in case an emergency arises. This maximum number posted shall not be exceeded at any one time.

The Fire Prevention Division of the Shreveport Fire Department is responsible for approving this permit. The permit application may be submitted online at A site plan, plot plan, or other relevant information is necessary prior to approval. In most instances, a site inspection made by an Inspector is required before approval is granted. Each permit requires a $50.00 permit fee to be paid at the time of application. If the permit is not approved, the fee is returned to the applicant.