Public Fire Education

School Programs

The Public Fire Education section is staffed with an Assistant Chief of Public Education Kevin Ellis and two fire prevention officers, Jeffrey Witte and Armadeus Marquez. The section presents safety programs to all elementary schools within the City of Shreveport. The target areas are kindergarten through second grade, utilizing our remote controlled robot Pluggie. The higher elementary grades are shown educational videos on fire safety issues ,as well as safety issues in general. The junior high and high school level programs are more specific to the needs of these audiences.
The section will also facilitate various programs as the need dictates (i.e. evacuation programs, fire safety for the disable, seasonal safety programs, elderly at home programs, etc.). If the section does not have a specific program requested, we take pride that our personnel are able to design a safety program for that need.

Additional Programs & Services

The section has changed its thinking over the last few years to include general safety programs to a variety of groups and organizations. We have had to start thinking out of the fire safety box to include a wide range of safety programs. As with the other fire prevention sections, the education section also has continuing education. In addition, the public education section oversees the distribution or installation of hundreds of free smoke alarms to residents throughout the city of Shreveport. Through fire safety and injury prevention education, training, and building coalitions with public and private agencies the Shreveport Fire Department has been able to dramatically reduce the loss of life and property in our community.