Division Duties & Roles

The Shreveport Fire Department Training Division strives to continue it's role of providing support and ongoing professional development training through hands-on instruction and presenting dynamic lectures on topics relevant to the needs of the department. For the first time in the department's history, two of the four basic training classes offered consisted of a five-week abbreviated class schedule, which saved the tax payers an estimated $20,000 per recruit since previously trained fire service recruits filled this year's roster. Similarly, we will continue to explore new options to save money without jeopardizing quality personnel.

Training Academy

The Shreveport Fire Department Training Division is located at 6440 Greenwood Road in the western part of the city on a 19-acre tract. The academy consists of three classrooms, library, gymnasium, a two-bay apparatus building, seven-story drill tower, and a two-story, state-of-the-art burn building. The burn training ground features a liquid fire training facility, an LPG fire simulator, tank trucks, and a vehicle extrication project.


The academy is directed by the chief training officer, two assistant chief training officers and four fire / paramedic training officers. This cadre is responsible for providing classes and drills on new evolutions and standard training methods. The clerical staff is composed of one senior secretary and one associate word processor.


A closed-circuit television network is utilized to provide training programs to all 21 fire stations and divisions. The Fire and Emergency Television Network (FETN) is also a part of the daily training curriculum.

Hazardous Materials

Two Training Division personnel serve as hazardous materials response team coordinators and respond to incidents involving hazardous chemicals to provide support. The division also responds to large fires, mass casualty incidents, and other major disasters within the city, to provide support for incident commanders and to evaluate on scene operations.