Underground or Aboveground Tanks

A permit is required for the storage, handling, or use of Class I liquids in excess of 5 gallons inside a building or in excess of 10 gallons outside of any building. Permits are required for Class II or Class III liquids in excess of 25 gallons inside a building or in excess of 60 gallons outside of a building, except for fuel oil used in connection with oil burning equipment.

The Fire Prevention Division of the Shreveport Fire Department is responsible for approving this permit. The permit application can be submitted online at www.mygovernmentonline.org. A site plan, plot plan, or other relevant information is necessary prior to approval. In most instances, a site inspection made by an Inspector is required before approval is granted. Each permit requires a $50.00 permit fee to be paid at the time of application. If the permit is not approved, the fee is returned to the applicant.