Fireworks Retail Sales and Display

A fireworks retailer shall have in his possession a valid permit issued by the Fire Prevention Division of Shreveport. Permits are issued after 1) Receipt of application for fireworks sales, 2) Permit fee of $50.00 is received and 3) A satisfactory inspection by the Fire Prevention Division is conducted in conjunction with the Permits/Zoning Office.

Each retailer must have in their possession a valid permit issued by the Louisiana State Fire Marshall as required by R.S. 51:650 prior to application of the Shreveport Fire Prevention application. The permit shall be in effect for only that particular holiday season for which it was issued.

Application for a permit to sell or display fireworks shall be made to the Fire Prevention Division office in writing at least 15 days in advance of the date of sale as display. More details....

The Fire Prevention Division of the Shreveport Fire Department is responsible for approving this permit. The permit application may be submitted online at A site plan, plot plan, or other relevant information is necessary prior to approval. In most instances, a site inspection made by an Inspector is required before approval is granted. Each permit requires a $50.00 permit fee to be paid at the time of application. If the permit is not approved, the fee is returned to the applicant.