Courage & Dedication

It takes a special person to answer the call. A person willing to go into a burning house to find five children. Or dive into a rain-swollen river to rescue a driver trapped inside his car. Or perform advanced life support for a person in cardiac arrest. The needs are as varied as the men and women who respond to them. But one element remains constant, a dedication to public service and the protection of both life and property.

The fire service can be as dynamic as you choose. Emergency medical services, fire prevention, hazardous materials team, communications, and training are just some of the many exciting career opportunities available through the Shreveport Fire Department.

After Training

Upon graduation from the Fire Training Academy, each rookie firefighter joins a regular shift at several designated training stations throughout the city. Each rookie remains in that training station or is rotated to other training stations until he or she is certified as a Shreveport firefighter. This process usually lasts one year. During the year, seminars or special courses supplement the skills learned in basic training. In addition, continuing education courses are available throughout one's entire career.

Career Information

A career in the fire service like no other. Shifts last 24 hours, alternating with 24 hours off-duty for five consecutive tours of duty. This is followed by six consecutive days off-duty. A work week is 56 hours.

A firefighter receives full retirement benefits after 30 years of service, as early as age 50. Individuals are vested in the department's retirement system after 12 years of service.