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American with Disabilities (ADA): Inquiries and Concerns

  1. American with Disabilities (ADA): Inquiries and Concerns

    If you have, inquiries and/or concerns about your experiences with any of the City of Shreveport's programs, services, facilities, equipment, employment, communication (including web access)  paratransit On-Demand, and fixed route paratransit.

    Please inform our ADA Coordinator's Office by completing and submitting the form below. 

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  3. If your inquiry or concern is related to a physical location, please identify the location by Address, If it involves a facility, please list the name of the facility and facility address.
  4. Please describe your inquiry or list information regarding your concern. If you have suggestive input, please include your suggestive comments regarding your inquiry or concern.
  5. If your inquiry or concern is time sensitive, or you have difficulty with this form, or simply prefer to contact the ADA Coordinator directly, email: | call (318)673-5544 

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