How are plans reviewed?

Plans are reviewed by the Permits and Inspections Division and other officials to assure that the requirements of the following codes and ordinances are met:

  • Cross lake pollution control ordinance
  • Drainage / storm water control ordinance
  • Erosion control during construction
  • Fire prevention ordinance state fire marshal rules and regulation
  • Flood hazard prevention ordinance
  • Off-premise outdoor advertising regulations
  • On-premise outdoor advertising ordinance
  • Property standards code
  • Standard building code (which includes necessary plumbing, HVAC. and other requirements)
  • Zoning ordinance

This generally requires that representatives of several city departments review the submitted plans. For simple projects with properly completed plans, application reviews can often be completed in one or two days.

Projects which affect exits, stairs, seating arrangements, handicap accessibility, or any other features covered under state statues must be submitted to the state fire marshal for review. This may take from two to three weeks. If a project does not include any of these features, or you aren’t sure if your plans need to be submitted to the State Fire Marshal, you are encouraged to contact the Shreveport Fire Prevention Bureau at 318-673-6740.

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