How do I get an ABO card?
Requirements for ABO Licenses vary if you are a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation.Read More...

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1. How do I get an ABO card?
2. Where is the Shreveport Police Department Headquarters Building?
3. How do I report a crime or suspicious incident?
4. Where can I go to be finger printed and obtain a Local Law Enforcement Records Check for employment purposes?
5. How do I get a background check on someone?
6. How do I hire an off-duty police officer for security?
7. How do I make a complaint on a member of the Shreveport Police Department?
8. What is the best manner to compliment or commend a member of the Shreveport Police Department?
9. Where / how do I obtain a permit to carry a firearm?
10. Where do I complain about congested traffic or careless drivers in my neighborhood?
11. How do I establish a Neighborhood Watch in my neighborhood?
12. Where do I complain about ongoing drug sales at a residence or business in Shreveport?
13. How can I find out if a certain person is in jail?
14. How can I get a copy of a report of a crime or accident that occurred in Shreveport?
15. When is the next police exam?
16. Is there a residency requirement?
17. My neighbor has several cars in his yard that are not in running condition. Can anything be done about this?
18. How do I schedule a program for my organization, business, or school?
19. How do I find out about Jail Bonding and Visitation?
20. How do I get a Restraining Order?
21. How do I find out how much the fine is for a traffic ticket?
22. What are the juvenile curfew hours for Shreveport?
23. What is the law regarding child safety seats?
24. What is the law concerning fireworks in Shreveport?