What jobs does the city have?
The City of Shreveport employs over 2,500 people in many different job classifications. All jobs are described and can be found in the job description books in the Human Resources Department. Each job description is divided into the following sections
  • Work performed: describes the general duties and responsibilities of the job
  • Minimum qualifications: lists the knowledge, skills, abilities, education, and experience requirements at time of hire or promotion

You are welcome to visit the Human Resources Department and review the job description books at your convenience. If you require additional information, please ask.

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1. How do I apply?
2. How do I contact the Human Resources Department?
3. How long does my application stay active?
4. I applied for a job, why haven't I been contacted?
5. Is the city an equal employment opportunity / affirmative action employer?
6. What accommodations will Human Resources make for handicapped applicants?
7. What are my appeal rights?
8. What are the office hours and deadline for applications?
9. What does the Human Resources Department do?
10. What is the employment process?
11. What is the process used for selection of applicants?
12. What jobs does the city have?
13. Why didn't I qualify?