What is the RTCC Registry? Can you watch my doorbell camera from the RTCC?

Citizens often ask, “How can I help?” when it comes to public safety. One of the primary ways residents of Shreveport can help is by sharing relevant video clips from their street facing cameras, like a Ring doorbell.

The registry tool is a way to tell the RTCC and SPD that you have a street-facing camera, and how you can be contacted (e-mail, phone). If any crime happens in your neighborhood, the registry allows the RTCC to request footage in a few clicks.

The RTCC cannot view registry cameras, and can only receive video when a citizen decides to upload it.

You will receive a text and email with a secure link to upload clips requested should you wish to participate.

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7. What is the RTCC Registry? Can you watch my doorbell camera from the RTCC?
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