When is the next police exam?
Civil Service Exams are offered throughout the state at various times of the year. For the complete schedule, visit the Office of State Examiner's website.

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1. How do I get an ABO card?
2. Where is the Shreveport Police Department Headquarters Building?
3. How do I report a crime or suspicious incident?
4. Where can I go to be finger printed and obtain a Local Law Enforcement Records Check for employment purposes?
5. How do I get a background check on someone?
6. How do I hire an off-duty police officer for security?
7. How do I make a complaint on a member of the Shreveport Police Department?
8. What is the best manner to compliment or commend a member of the Shreveport Police Department?
9. Where / how do I obtain a permit to carry a firearm?
10. Where do I complain about congested traffic or careless drivers in my neighborhood?
11. How do I establish a Neighborhood Watch in my neighborhood?
12. Where do I complain about ongoing drug sales at a residence or business in Shreveport?
13. How can I find out if a certain person is in jail?
14. How can I get a copy of a report of a crime or accident that occurred in Shreveport?
15. When is the next police exam?
16. Is there a residency requirement?
17. My neighbor has several cars in his yard that are not in running condition. Can anything be done about this?
18. How do I schedule a program for my organization, business, or school?
19. How do I find out about Jail Bonding and Visitation?
20. How do I get a Restraining Order?
21. How do I find out how much the fine is for a traffic ticket?
22. What are the juvenile curfew hours for Shreveport?
23. What is the law regarding child safety seats?
24. What is the law concerning fireworks in Shreveport?