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10-Adjudicated Property Announcements

Posted on: August 4, 2022

February 23 Adjudicated Properties Listing



Notice is hereby given that the City of Shreveport has received a request to sell it’s tax interest in the following list of adjudicated properties. These properties have previously been adjudicated to the City of Shreveport for unpaid taxes.  A public sale of these properties will start at 9:30 a.m. on 

February 23, 2023,  at The City of Shreveport, Property Management Division, Government Plaza, 505 Travis Street, Shreveport, LA 71101. 

The sale will take place on the 1st floor of Government Plaza. When you arrive, stay on the 1st Floor, do not proceed to the 3rd Floor. Masks are encouraged but not required

Anyone wishing to make an offer/bid, must submit their written offer /bid to the City of Shreveport, Attn: Malcolm Stadtlander, 505 Travis Street, Suite 300, Shreveport, LA 71101 by 3:00 P.M., 

February 16, 2023. Please note new deadline day and time.  No deposit is required. All offers/bids must be submitted on the City of Shreveport Adjudicated Property Bid form. No hand written bids or emails will be accepted. All offers/bids must include your name, address, daytime phone, property description including Geo number, municipal address of property and bid amount. 

All properties should be viewed prior to submitting a bid !!

Please don’t submit bids on properties you haven’t viewed !!

 If more than one offer/bid for any particular piece of property is received, all parties who have submitted a written offer/bid will be allowed to bid on the property.  For additional information, please contact Malcolm Stadtlander at the City of Shreveport (318) 673-6048.    


Property – Lot 42, Legardy Hills Subdivision, Unit #1

                   Geo #181417-047-0042-00

                   Municipal Address – 1735 Alda Street

Property – Lot 43, Legardy Hills Subdivision, Unit #1

                    Geo #181417-047-0043-00

           Municipal Address – 1736 Alda Street  (cited for demolition)

Property – Lot 43, Audrey Park Subdivision & ½ Abandoned Drain R/W

                   Geo #181417-055-0043-00

                   Municipal Address – 2341 Audrey Ln

Property – East 28.71 Feet of Lot 4, Creswell & Olive Subdivision

                   Geo #171306-113-0019-00

                   Municipal Address – 0 Olive Street   (Vacant Lot)

Property – Lot 12, Brimmer & Moore Subdivision

                   Geo #181434-053-0012-00

                   Municipal Address – 2747 Milam Street   (Vacant Lot)

Property – Lots 4 & 5, Block 1, Breezy Hills Subdivision

                   Geo #181434-041-0033-00

                   Municipal Address – 2815 Milam Street   (Vacant Lot)

Property – Lot 18 & E/2 of Lot 17, Block 6, Washington Subdivision, Less R/W

                   Geo #181434-020-0018-00

                   Municipal Address –3151, 3161 Milam Street    (Vacant Lot)

Property – Lot 14, Block F, Holly Park Subdivision

                    Geo #171414-008-0014-00

           Municipal Address – 1953 Oakdale Street

Property – East 40 Feet of Lot 16, Block 1, Fairview Subdivision

                   Geo #181331-047-0022-00

          Municipal Address – 601 Wall Street

Property – Lot 144, Block E, Oakmont Subdivision

                   Geo #171426-029-0144-00

          Municipal Address – 645 West 71st Street

Property – Lot 19, Woodland Springs Subdivision

                   Geo #171426-022-0019-00

          Municipal Address – 729 West 74th Street  (cited for demolition)

Property – Lot 31, Reynolds Subdivision, TAL 25. Less North 69 Feet, 10 inches

                   Geo #181437-066-0040-00

          Municipal Address – 1226 Wood Street

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