Before Paint Day

Paint Your Heart Out Shreveport 2022 is scheduled to take place Saturday, May 14, 2022. Prior to your house being painted, minor repairs are done, and your house is power washed, scraped, and primed by professional contractors. Housing Inspectors will visit your home periodically to make sure that the work is being completed according to specifications, which is the work-write up. Please make yourself available for all of these visits.

Homeowner/Contractor Agreement

The housing inspector will also have a homeowner/contractor agreement for you to sign. This is an agreement between the homeowner and contractor that states that the contractor will complete all of the repairs and preparation work in a certain number of days. The housing inspector is responsible for monitoring this work. When the work is completed to your satisfaction and the housing inspector's satisfaction, The housing inspector will have pay-outs for you to sign so that the contractor can be paid for his/her work.

Painting Your House

Your home will be painted by professional contractors.  The Housing Inspector assigned to your home will visit with you to complete the work write-up, and you will be contacted by the contractor assigned to paint your home.  Ask them for a business card or some form of identification. If they do not have any identification, please call Marcia Nelson at (318) 673-7528 to make sure that this person has been assigned to your house, and is indeed representing Paint Your Heart Out.

The contractor will also confirm your paint color choice.  Once you make your color selections, you will not be allowed to change.