Actual Emergencies

A police or medical emergency is the alarm doing exactly what it was designed to do. Your house or business is like your child: you know every mark on it. An officer checking the building at night does not know every mark, may not see pry marks, or be able to tell if damage is new or old.

Attempted Crimes

If a crime or an attempted crime occurred and the damage is minor, it may not be detected by police and be closed as a false alarm call. If an alarm user discovers damage that proves there was an attempted break-in, they must call the police back out to make a report.

The alarm user must also notify the alarm administrator. If the false alarm call and attempted crime report occur at different times, we have no way of knowing there is a connection unless you call us.

Adjusted Fines

The bonus in the alarm ordinance is that even if there is nothing wrong with your alarm system, you can have one fine adjusted per calendar year by just having a service call and providing us with the paperwork within the time constraints of the alarm ordinance. Everybody wins with a properly operating alarm system - you, the police, and your alarm company.