GO—Upon certification, focus on skills and develop business acumen.

GROW—Expand your brand and build capacity.

COMPETE—Participate, network and re-invest in you.

The Fair Share Program was designed to comply with the City of Shreveport’s policy of providing and ensuring contracting/purchasing opportunities to level the playing field for small economically disadvantaged businesses. Any business that meets the certification requirements can become Fair Share certified. This race and gender neutral program was adopted by the City Council as Ordinance #105, Article VIII, Section 2-401 thru 2-426 on July 27, 1999 with the intent to provide opportunities for companies and individuals to do business with the City of Shreveport. The goal of the program is to eliminate barriers and enhance economic development within our communities through business growth and expansion. The Fair Share program has a 25 percent goal on all city-funded contracts that are bid or awarded. The city’s Fair Share Clients (FSC), Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE/Federal) and Small Business Element (SBE/Federal) percentages are combined to meet the city’s overall 25 percent goal.


The City of Shreveport, Office of Fair Share approves and certifies all Fair Share Clients for a term of three years. Complete a Fair Share application on line at www.shreveportla.gov/138/Office-of-Fair-Share. You may also contact The Office of Fair Share at (318) 673-5009 or visit the office location: 505 Travis Street | Suite 260 | Shreveport, LA 71101 for more information or to pick up an application. In addition, you are required to complete and submit a Vendor Application to the Purchasing Division at www.shreveportla.gov/780/Section-800. Any approved small business regardless of your economic classification (DBE, W/DBE, M/DBE, S/DBE) can become Fair Share certified. The owners must not have a personal net worth that exceeds $250,000 and a business net worth that exceeds $750,000. DBE/SBE are federal programs and certifications are approved by the Compliance Office in Baton Rouge. You may contact the office at (225) 379-1382 or (225) 379-1363 for more information.

•    Please complete the entire application, annotate NA appropriately, use the checklist to ensure all items are provided, get the affidavit notarized and return the ORIGINAL application to Fair Share.

•    Complete the Vendor Application and submit it to the Purchasing Department. A vendor number is required to be loaded into the system.

•    Your packet will be reviewed, and a site visit will be scheduled.

•    Upon successful certification, your organization will receive an award letter and certificate.


Vendors must recertify at the end of the three-year certification period. The Office of Fair Share will email a Recertification Form 60 days prior to the expiration of the upcoming anniversary date with the attachment. Forms must be notarized and the original returned by mail or in person. Please provide all requested supporting documentation to include a copy of your driver’s license. If the form is incomplete, the vendor will be contacted and the form placed on hold until required discrepancies are corrected. If the form is complete, the vendor will be awarded an addition three year certification and a certificate will be mailed.