Fair Share

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Fair Share was established to ensure maximum participation, continuity, and perpetuity of the Fair Share program.  It is designed to deliver meaningful resource services and structured to assist in the enhancement of economic opportunities for small, and economically disadvantaged businesses. In addition, the office is dedicated to creating and implementing policies and procedures that assist the under-served, underutilized, and disadvantaged business with gaining greater access to procurement opportunities.

Our full-time staff provides small business resource support to assist and equitably balance the playing field for Fair Share (FSC), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), and Small Business Element (SBE) clients.


The mission of the City of Shreveport’s Fair Share Office is to advocate for small, economically disadvantaged, and women businesses to achieve greater access to procurement opportunities, as well as provide resources for business empowerment and growth.


To provide an accessible system to strengthen the disadvantaged business network and level the playing field for underutilized business through engagement and inclusion.


Our goal is to eliminate barriers and enhance economic development in the area through business growth and expansion.