Auxiliary officers perform a number of routine activities. Specific duties include:
  • Assisting police officers in non-enforcement duties
  • Directing traffic
  • Impounding abandoned vehicles
  • Issuing parking citations

Emergency Situations

Auxiliaries also respond to emergency situations and are subject to call out 24 hours a day. During the evacuation of south Louisiana due to Hurricane Rita, auxiliary officers were stationed at various spots around the city to direct evacuees to shelters. They then did security patrols of the shelter parking lots for the next several weeks.

Hazmat spills, power outages and major accidents are some of the other situations that auxiliary officers respond to any time of the day or night.

Special Events

Auxiliary officers work special events as well. The Independence Bowl, Mardi Gras parades, the Rockets Over the Red Fireworks Show, and the Sickle Cell Softball Tournament are just a few of the events where you will see officers at work.