Tax Exemption & Abatement

Restoration Tax Abatement

Advanced Notification to the state required. The City of Shreveport has qualified two districts within the city, the Downtown Development District and the Center City Economic Development District, for participation in the state’s Restoration Tax Abatement program.

This program grants a five-year deferred assessment of ad valorem property taxes normally assessed for improvements, expansions, restorations, or development to commercial structures or owner-occupied residences within these districts. With approval of the state and city, the contract may be eligible for renewal for an additional five years. Please call 225-342-5402 for more information.

Industrial Property Tax Exemption

Advanced Notification to the state required. New and expanding manufacturers are eligible to receive a five-year property tax exemption, renewable for an additional five years on new capitalized purchases with an Industrial Property Tax Exemption. The exemption may include buildings, machinery, equipment, furniture, and fixtures for new, expanded, or renovated facilities.

As with other business incentives provided by the State of Louisiana, in considering applications for property tax exemptions, the Board of Commerce and Industry requests that the business and its contractors give preference to Louisiana manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and labor. Please contact 225-342-5254 for more information.