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2011 Bond
Shreveport residents on April 2 approved the largest bond proposal in the city's history. The $175 million package affects the entire city, and Mayor Ollie Tyler is committed to making sure her staff will be good stewards for this major undertaking.

The city has established an aggressive timeline for this work and is determined to provide the public with as much information as possible. Although it will take several years to complete the projects identified by the citizens group that helped develop the list of critical needs, the latest updates will be posted on this site, so add us to your favorite bookmarks and let us know what you think.

2011 Bond Overview
Proposition one - $92.7 million:
  • Water projects: $21.165 million
  • Sewerage projects: $71.5 million

Proposition two - $38 million:
  • SPAR projects: $26.2 million
  • Public safety projects: $10.8 million
  • Finance department project: $1 million

Proposition three - $44.3 million:
  • Streets projects: $31.7 million
  • Drainage projects: $12.63 million

City of Shreveport, Louisiana