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2011 Bond
Find out more about the 2011 Bond and how it affects you.

Adjudicated Properties
Find adjudicated properties in your area.

Alarm Ordinance
Learn more about the ordinances for house alarms.

Annual Report / Financial Information
View the annual financial report and supporting information.

Bike Paths & Bike Lanes

City Event Calendar
View all the events happening in Shreveport.

City Services
View the available services that Shreveport provides.

View current job openings with the city.

EMS Lifecare Membership

Fraud Hotline
Report fraud, waste, or abuse of City resources.

False Alarm Program
If you're having trouble with your alarm system going off when it shouldn't, check here to get information on how to fix the problem.

Give feedback to city officials.

History of Shreveport
Find out how Shreveport got its start.

Holiday Trash Pickup
Holiday Trash Pickup - to be edited for each holiday. Used from the redirect www.shreveportla.gov/Holiday_Trash_Pickup

Important Phone Numbers

Property Standards
View property standards for Shreveport.

Shreveport Community Links
View community links to resources in Shreveport.

Parks & Recreation
View upcoming events for SPAR.

Property Tax Payments
Pay your city water bill and property payments.

Water Payments

City of Shreveport, Louisiana