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Garbage and Trash Collections
ScheduleShreveport Collection Schedule
Shreveport garbage and trash collection is picked up once a week with a semi-automated waste pickup system using city provided carts. The carts come in two sizes:
  • 96-gallon wheeled cart
  • 64-gallon wheeled cart.

Holiday Schedule
Any changes in service due to holidays observed by the City of Shreveport will be posted on the Public Works Calendar or to hear a recording of any changes in service please call 318-673-6300 and press 7. Listed below are the city observed holidays:

 New Years Day  
 Martin Luther King Jr. Day  
 President's Day  
 Good Friday  
 Memorial Day  
 Independence Day  
Labor Day  
Thanksgiving Day  
Day After Thanksgiving Day  
Christmas Day  

Inclement Weather
Any changes made to your garbage / recycling collection schedule will be posted on the Public Works Calendar.  You may subscribe to this calendar to receive updates automatically by going to the calendar and following the instructions provided.

Additional Cart

Garbage Cart
If one wheeled cart is not enough you may lease an additional garbage cart.  The maximum number of City issued garbage carts per residence or authorized commercial establishment is two. The leasing fee is a one time, non refundable, fee of $50. The cart is the property of the City of Shreveport and should never be removed from the address it was given to.  This fee has to be paid in advance before the additional can will be delivered.  Please call 318-673-6300 for more information.

Recycling Cart
There is no fee for additional recycling carts.  All recycling carts are 64 gal. carts.  We only have one size in the recycling carts.

Damaged Cart
If your can has damage to the lid, wheels, and/or lifter bar you can call 318-673-6300 to get these parts replaced.

Residential Customers

All items for disposal, garbage, trash, and recycling must be placed at curbside in the city-provided wheeled cart by 7 a.m. on the day of collection and then removed from the curb by 10 p.m. on the day of collection.

Garbage Collection
Excess waste may be placed beside the cart in bags or cans and should follow the guidelines listed below:
  • cans and plastic bags should not exceed the capacity of 35 gallons and weigh no more than 50 pounds when full
  • cans must have handles and a tight fitting lid 
  • plastic bags must be a minimum of one and one half millimeters thick and securely tied
  • containers with sharp or jagged edges will not be acceptable

Yard Waste Collection
All bagged waste, such as grass clippings and leaves, should be placed in 35 gallon yard waste bags and then stacked neatly beside your garbage cans.  These bags should not exceed 50 pounds and will be collected by our Solid Waste crews on your regular collection day.  

Bulky Item Collection
Beginning Monday, July 14, 2014 residents can begin to schedule appointments for our new program which will assist us in keeping our beautiful city clean.   If you have furniture, tree limbs, appliances, and / or tires that you need to dispose of you can do so by setting up an appointment.  Items for our Bulk Collection Program will be picked up by appointment only and each resident will be responsible for setting that appointment up by calling our Public Works Department @ 318-673-6300 and press 0 for a Customer Service Agent. These items will be collected separately from the regular garbage / recycling services but will be scheduled on one of your future trash days.  All items will need to follow the guidelines below.

  • 1 pile per appointment and the pile must not be larger than (L) 15ft x (W) 6ft x (H) 6ft
  • Bulky items must be 5ft away from garbage carts, mailboxes, fences, telephone poles, parked cars or away from low hanging tree limbs or power lines.
  • Furniture, appliances, and tires may be placed curbside 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.
  • Tires - only 4 tires per appointment
  • Limbs / Brush may be placed curbside 7 days before your scheduled appointment.
  • Limbs / Brush must not be larger than 8 inches diameter or 6ft in length.
  • Items not collected are as follows:
    • No Building materials, i.e., carpet, flooring, tile, countertops, cabinets, fencing, concrete, rocks, stones, etc.
    • No Gasoline powered tools, auto parts
    • No Pianos, organs, swing or gym sets, trampolines, swimming pools and covers.
    • No Stumps / roots

Backdoor Waste Collection
Backdoor garbage and recycling collection is provided free of charge to handicapped residents living alone. A doctor’s certificate is required along with the completed application; please complete the Handicapped Application and fax to 318-673-6320 or mail back to:

City of Shreveport Public Works
Attn:  Monique Bruns
1731 Kings Hwy
Shreveport, LA 71103

Once service is established the resident will need to place their carts in a location that is visible from the street.  The cart can not be in a garage/carport.  The city provided cart must be used to containerize waste. Backdoor collection is for household garbage and recycling only; any yard waste or bulk items will have to be placed at the curbside.  

Commercial Customers

The City of Shreveport provides garbage, trash, and recycling services for businesses that have a small amount of waste.  We do not have dumpsters, our customers are provided one (1) 96 gal. garbage cart and one (1) 64 gal. recycling cart.  All items for disposal must fit inside these carts, nothing outside or on top of the cans will be picked up.  This includes items such as yard waste and boxes.

In order to receive curbside service through the City of Shreveport, you must first complete a Commercial Application  and either fax to 318-673-6320 or mail it back to:

City of Shreveport Public Works
Attn:  Monique Bruns
1731 Kings Hwy
Shreveport, LA 71103

Once service is established garbage, trash, and recycling must be placed at curbside in the city-provided wheeled cart by 7 a.m. on the day of collection and then removed from the curb by 10 p.m. on the day of collection.

City of Shreveport, Louisiana