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General Prohibitions
No person shall introduce or cause to be introduced into the city's storm drainage system any discharge that is not composed entirely of stormwater, except for discharges within any of the following classes:
  • Agricultural stormwater runoff
  • Discharges from flows from:
    • Air conditioning condensation
    • Discharges from potable (drinkable) water sources
    • Diverted stream flows
    • Flows from riparian habitats and wetlands
    • Footing drains
    • Foundation drains
    • Individual residential car washing
    • Irrigation water
    • Landscape irrigation
    • Lawn watering
    • Rising ground waters
    • Springs
    • Street wash water
    • Uncontaminated pumped ground infiltration to the city's storm drainage system
    • Uncontaminated pumped ground water
    • Water from crawl space pumps
    • Water line flushing
  • Discharges resulting from fire fighting
  • Discharges that are authorized by an NPDES or State Department of Environmental (DEQ) permit other than the NPDES permit for discharges from the city\'s storm drainage system

City of Shreveport, Louisiana