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Sign Permits
An individual or business who wishes to place a sign on or off their premises must obtain a Sign Permit from the Zoning Administration Office. The purpose of obtaining this permit is to be in compliance with the city ordinance and to ensure that the sign meets all proper height and setback requirements.

Rules & Regulations
No sign shall be erected, altered, or relocated without first securing a sign permit from the chief building official. No permit will be required when changing out the sign face of an existing business.

A permit is required for changing out the sign face to a new business or ownership. Such permit shall contain the location of the sign structure, the name and address of the sign erector which shall be obtained from such drawings showing the design and location of the sign and such other pertinent information as deemed necessary to ensure compliance with all ordinances of the city. The zoning administrator shall ensure that all requirements of this chapter have been met prior to a permit being issued.

Fee Schedule

Description Fee
On Premise Attached $50

Detached $150

Surface change only $30

Wall $50

Face change $30

Detached pole $150
Off Premise New structural modification or change in the number of faces (per face) $200

Surface change only No charge

Per sign face $200

For questions concerning sign permits / applications, contact us at 318-673-6440. You can turn in your completed applications to:
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505 Travis St.
Shreveport, LA 71101

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