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Land Altering Permits
The main purpose of this permit is to limit sediment runoff into water bodies, especially Cross Lake. It was expanded this year to other lands beyond the city limits, but within the area of the Cross Lake Watershed.

When the Permit is Required
This permit will not be needed in cases where a building permit is required. However, a land-altering permit will have to be issued for clearing, grafting, and excavating activities which either don’t involve a building (such as a subdivision development), or which will be done before the building permit is issued.

Download the permit application form, fee schedule, and guidelines to get started. Contact the Engineering Division at 318-673-6000 if you have any questions.

Fee Schedule
Commercial, industrial, or business activity (including subdivision development):
  • Less than 5 acres: $50
  • 5 - 15 acres: $100
  • Greater than 15 acres: $100 plus $0.50 / acre for each acre above 15

  • Less than / equal to 5 acres: $20
  • Greater than 5 acres: $50

If you have a question about whether or not such a permit is required, please contact the Environmental Affairs Manager at 318-673-7660

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