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Adjudicated Properties

The City of Shreveport is listing property that was offered but not sold at the annual tax sale.

These properties not sold at tax sale are known as adjudicated property. The parish and/or city has acquired a tax interest in these properties. If specific procedures are followed, Louisiana law allows the governmental body to sell their tax interest in the property. The buyer will be able to take possession and may be able to take further action to give them clean, warranted title.

Adjudicated properties can have two conditions: 

   1. Adjudicated to the City 

         If adjudicated to the City of Shreveport, then the citizen can apply for one 
         of two programs:

    2. Adjudicated to the City and Caddo Parish or Caddo Parish
        The citizen can request more information at:

                Caddo Parish 
                Department of Public Works Office
                Adjudicated Property
                505 Travis St. , Suite 800
                Shreveport, LA 71101

          Visit the Caddo Parish Adjudicated Property website for more information.

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