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Inconvenienced Streets

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Street Inconveniences and Closures



Week of March 5, 2017


Water/Sewer/Drainage Improvements:

W. 70th Street at Mansfield Rd.

Valley View St., from Woodhaven Dr. to Timberview Lane

Red Bud Lane, from Woodhaven Dr. to Timberview Lane

Intersection of Westwood Park Dr. and Lyba St.  – (CD Proj. 116)

Harrison St., from Wallace Ave. to Linwood Ave. – (CD Proj. 104/119/142)

Melrose St. from Wallace Ave. to Linwood Ave.  – (CD Proj. 104/119/142)

Woodfield Dr. from Browning St. to Harrison St. – (CD Proj. 104/119/142)

Monkhouse Dr., north of I-20 – (CD Proj. 116)

Kennedy Dr., from 70th Street to Joe Louis St. – (CD Proj. 114)

Broadway Ave. from Hollywood Ave. to Joe Louis St. – (CD Proj. 114)

W. 71st Street, from Clift Ave. to Wallace Ave. - (CD Proj. 104/119/142)

W. 72nd Street, from Union Ave. to Clift Ave. - (CD Proj. 104/119/142)

Intersection of Wyngate Circle & Woodfield Rd. (CD Proj. 115)

Street Improvements: 

Akard Ave., from Ockley Dr. to Pierremont Rd.

Crockett St., from Common St. to Louisiana Ave.

Fullerton St., from N. Hearne Ave. to Aero Dr.

Pine Hill Rd., from N. Market to city limit

Southland Park Dr., from Mansfield Rd. to Baird Rd.

Ardi Taylor Dr. from Colquitt Rd. to Mansfield Rd.

Washington St. from Anderson Ave. to Oak St.

Fairfield Ave. from Pierremont Rd. to Southern Ave.

Cotton St. from Louisiana Ave. to Common St.

Centenary Blvd. from Stoner Ave. to Kings Hwy.

Ockley Dr. from Line Ave. to Gilbert Ave.

Highland Ave. from Jordan St. to Ockley Dr.

Gilbert Dr. from Stoner Ave. for Gregg Ave.

Louisiana Ave. from Fannin St. to Jordan St.

Creswell Ave. from Marshall St. to Ockley Dr.

Market St. from Youree Dr. to Stoner Ave.

Murphy St., Texas St. to I-49

Cargill Park - Access Rd./parking lots

Lytham Drive - extents

Newcastle Blvd., from Bert Kouns to southern end of street

Sewer CCTV Cleaning & Inspection:

  • Sewer easement between Bert Kouns and Flournoy Lucas Rd.
  • Arear to Bert Kouns to Williamson Way and Mansfield Rd. to Linwood Ave.


 All Depts.: 

  • Intersection of Woodfield Dr. and Browning St. - (CD Proj. 104/119/142)


  1.  Clyde Fant, from Milam St. to Shreveport-Barksdale Hwy.
    • (Closed from 7:00pm  on 2/17 to 7:00am on 2/18, then closed again on 2/18 from 3:00pm - 10:00 pm
  2. Shreveport-Barksdale Hwy., from Clyde Fant to E. Kings Hwy.
    • Closed from 3:00pm - 10:00pm on 2/18
  3. E. Kings Hwy., from Shreveport-Barksdale Hwy. to  E. Preston
    • Closed from 2:30pm - 10:00pm on 2/18

  1.  Area of Southfield Rd. to Florida St. and Roma Dr. and E. Kings Hwy. - 2/11/17

  1.  2/11/17 - 5k - Area of Gilbert Dr. to Greenway Place and Dixie Dr./Atkins Ave. to Greenway Place
  2.  2/11/17 - 10k - Area of Gilbert Dr./Fern Ave. to Akard Ave. and E. Kings Hwy. to Southfield Rd.

City of Shreveport, Louisiana