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Guidelines for Opening a Business

1. Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy:

All businesses (including home-based businesses), that are located within the corporate limits of the City of Shreveport or the Parish of Caddo, must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy prior to applying for an Occupational License.  The fee for the Certificate of Occupancy is $50-Home based and $125-Commercial Building. For business outside the city limits, there is  no fee.

            Contact: City of Shreveport Mailing Address: P.O. Box 31109
                                Zoning (Permit Center) Shreveport, LA 71130
                                505 Travis Street, Suite 130
                                Shreveport, LA  71101
                                (318) 673-6442 or (318) 673-6440
                                Fax:  (318) 673-6454

2.  Obtain an Occupational License:

An occupational license tax is due and payable upon commencement of business.  The City of Shreveport issues temporary licenses to conduct business for a period of 30 days.  Temporary licenses must be updated after the first 30 days of business, and the permanent license will be mailed.  The fee for the temporary license is $50.

            Contact: City of Shreveport Mailing Address: P.O. Box 30168
Revenue Division - Customer Service Shreveport, LA 71130
505 Travis Street, Suite 120
                                Shreveport, LA  71101
                                (318) 673-5501
                                Fax:  (318) 673-5504
    For further information concerning the occupational license, certificate of occupancy including a downloadable           application, to our website at www.shreveportla.gov/certocc.

     Occupational License outside the city limits of Shreveport - $50 fee
    Contact: Caddo Parish Occupational License Mailing Address:
  P.O. Box 1127
505 Travis Street, Suite 850 - 8th Floor Shreveport, LA  71163
Shreveport, LA  71101
(318) 677-5372

3.  Register with the City & State Sales Tax Authorities (if this is a retail business):
State of Louisiana - Department of Revenue - Sales Tax Division No local office in the Shreveport area. Taxpayers should contact 855-307-3893 or www.ldr.louisiana.gov     

Mailing: Physical:
Louisiana Department of Revenue 617 North Third Street
P.O. Box 201 Baton Rouge, LA  70802
Baton Rouge, LA  70821-0201

Phone: Website:
855-307-3893 www.ldr.louisiana.gov

4.  Obtain a Federal Tax ID Number:
     Contact: Internal Revenue Service
South Pointe Center
3007 Knight Street, Suite 110
Shreveport, LA  71105

5.  Obtain Caddo Parish Health Permit (as necessary):
     Contact: Caddo Environmental Health
1033 Creswell Avenue
Shreveport, LA  71101
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 9:30 am
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday

City of Shreveport, Louisiana