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Who We Are
The Human Relations Commission (HRC) is an all-volunteer 9-member commission appointed by the Mayor of Shreveport.  Commission members must:
  • Be a resident of Shreveport;
  • Be a supporter of the City's Human Relations Ordinances; and
  • Have demonstrated an interest and have acquired experience in matters relating to human relations concerns in the city.

 Rev. Lindy Broderick  Trina Chu  Adrienne Critcher  Sherry Karr
 Rev. Lindy Broderick Trina Chu
Vice Chair
Dr. Adrienne Critcher
Dr. Sherry Kerr
 Lonnie McCray  Felice Williams  Prentiss Smith  Reverend Seaberry
Dr. Lonnie McCray Dr. Felice Williams Prentiss Smith  Rev. Roosevelt Seaberry
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Frank Thaxton       

City of Shreveport, Louisiana