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Board Members

Mayor's Women's Commission
2016-2017 Officers - Members

Laurie McGehee  No Image Available
No Image Available

 Corine Ambler
President              Vice President
Parliamentarian Treasurer
Laurie McGehee
Theresa Gray-Jacobs

Corine Ambler
 Cheredith Rhone
 Hardette Harris
  Chedez Kinchen
  Rekisha Perkins
Hardette Harris  
         Chedez Kinchen Rekisha Perkins
Cheredith Rhone

 Joyce Patton
 Ozella Crowder
 Luberda Myers
 Desiree Mingo
Joyce Patton Ozella Crowder Luberda Myers
Desiree Mingo
 Krista Snell
 Barbara Thomas
 Jada Durden
 MeGail Parsons
Krista Snell Barbara Thomas Jada Durden MeGail D. Parsons

 Trina Chu

 Erica Thomas
 Michell Redding
Trina T. Chu Erica Thomas Michell Redding



2016 -2017 Women's Commission Members

Front Row, Left to Right:  Erica Thomas, Barbara Thomas, Desiree Mingo, Joyce Patton, Trina Chu, MeGail Parsons, Ozella Crowder, Chedez Kinchen, 

Back Row, Left to Right: Krista Snell, Jada Durden, Cheredith Rhone, Lueburda Jamison Myers, Hardette Harris, Corine Ambler, Laurie McGehee, Rekisha Perkins

City of Shreveport, Louisiana