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Fraud Hotline
Fraud Hotline

This is not a 911 or Emergency Service. 
Do not use this site to report an immediate threat to life or property.

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Report wrongdoing within city government.  The Fraud Hotline enables citizens to anonymously report fraud, waste, or misuse of city resources.

Call us at 318-222-5698 or use the online form.

You don’t have to give us your name.  Your information drives our investigation – Give us all you can.

Have you heard of or seen:
•  Taking or misuse of city property or cash
•  Violations of city’s purchasing policy
•  Personal use of city-owned vehicles
•  Submitting false invoices
•  Padding (over reporting) time worked
•  Presenting false claims for payment
•  Conducting personal business on city time
•  Personal use of city-owned equipment or supplies
•  Stealing city services (water, grass cutting, other fees)
•  And any other fraud or misconduct

Please provide what information you can:

•  Name and title of the person(s) suspected of committing fraud
•  Area / Department where the potentially wrongful activity is occurring
•  Date(s) and duration of occurrence(s)
•  Description of the questionable activity and how it was carried out
•  If applicable, approximate dollar amount involved
•  Name(s) of any other witnesses that we can contact
•  Any related documentation

Remember to give as many details as possible and to contact us with any additional information.

City of Shreveport, Louisiana