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Parks and Recreation

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1. How can I find the phone number for a recreation center?
2. Where can I get information to rent a shelter/park?
3. Who can a person call to report an unsafe condition or other problems at parks?
4. Where can I get information on how and where a person of any age may participate in recreational activities?
5. My Father/Mother is over 60 years old and is looking for some place in Shreveport where they can go for something to do. Do you have a number that I can call to find out about such a place?
6. My Father/Mother is over 60 years old, has never used a computer, but wants to learn how to use a computer. Do you offer computer classes for the non-technical person?
7. Can you provide information on your swimming pools?
8. Where can I get a permit to sell at a city park?
9. How can I get information about the locations of City Parks or Park facilities?
10. How much does it cost to join a program (senior program, after school program, summer camp playground, teen program, computer class, aerobics)?
11. How much does it cost to use the weight room, gym, tennis courts, etc. at the community centers?
12. Is there a curfew for teenagers for rentals at SPAR facilities?
13. What are the operating hours and programs at a community center?
14. Can I bring a barbeque grill to a City Park?
15. Can you bring alcoholic beverages into the parks?
16. We recently moved here from another state. How can I get information about your youth sports program?
17. Is your recreation department accredited?
18. You conducted a basic canoeing clinic recently at LSUS. How can I get information about the program?
19. Do you conduct background checks on your youth sports coaches? Do they participate in a coaching certification program?

City of Shreveport, Louisiana