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Metropolitan Planning Commission 

Shreveport, LA 71101


Name Title Email Phone
Sweeney, Mark Executive Director 318-673-6480
Jean, Stephen Deputy Director 318-673-6467
Clarke, Alan Zoning Administrator 318-673-6444
Tullos, Diane Office Administrator 318-673-6480
Majure, Nancy Planner II 318-673-6469
Randolph, Mary Records Manager/Subdivisions 318-673-6483
LaFitte, John GIS Department Supervisor 318-673-6466
Harris, Warren GIS Tech 318-673-6462
Smith, Debra Executive Secretary to Zoning Administrator 318-673-6440
Thomas, Glenda Plans Examiner 318-673-6442
Mapp, Ebony ZBA Planner 318-673-6463
Jambor, Roy Senior Planner Over Long Range Planning Roy Jambor 318-673-6464
Negrete, Judy Management Assistant 318-673-6477
Bailey, Adam Special Projects Planner 318-673-6465
English, Lenetta Office Specialist 318-673-6480
Austin, Sandi Administrative Assistant 318.673-6468
Heard, James Zoning Inspector 318-673-6446
Maranto, Sammy Zoning Inspector 318-672-6445

Planning Commission Board 

Shreveport, LA 71101


Name Title Email Phone
Andrews, Winzer 318-631-8480
Colvin, Dale 318-673-3253
Cooper, Nancy MPC Secretary 318-205-8809
Desmarteau, Lea 318-222-0885
Pennywell, Jr, Dr. Phillip 318-631-5200
Remedies, Ronnie MPC Vice Chairman 318-603-5315
Smith, Bessie 318-222-6025
Young, Alan MPC Chairman 318-686-8181

Zoning Board of Appeals 

505 Travis St
Suite 440
Shreveport, LA 71101



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The ZBA makes decisions regarding variances to the zoning ordinance and special exception uses as set forth in the zoning ordinance.
Name Title Email Phone
Bergeron, Ronnie (318)-866-9693
Berry, Alan ZBA Chairman (318) 222-3937
Cooper, Jr., Eddie (318) 469-9200
Holland, Rick (318) 464-3665
Osborn, Betty ZBA Secretary (318) 861-2461
Stewart, Robert A. (318) 518-6445
Waltman, Jason ZBA Vice Chairman (318) 861-4394

City of Shreveport, Louisiana