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Posted on: June 25, 2018

Program Newsletter | Summer 2018

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What's Happening in Phase 2


With the completion of Phase 1 work in the surrounding area, Phase 2 project work is well underway to address Consent Decree work in the Shreveport area. The following neighborhoods are included in the Phase 2 project work:

• Highland

• North Highlands

• South Highlands

• Querbes

• Queensborough

• Westside

• Choctaw Bayou


For maps and to find out more about scheduled projects, click here

Community Meetings


The Clean Water Shreveport Program Team, including CDM Smith and The City of Shreveport representatives, held a meeting with members of the Highland Restoration Association to discuss current project work with residents in that area.


Similar community meetings have taken place throughout the Shreveport area to offer residents the opportunity to get more info about the process, ask questions and see the City plans for sewer repairs near or on their properties.

CIPP liner is prepared by workers

Workers prepare to insert a liner into an existing sewage pipe using trenchless technology.  

 CIPP liner is inserted in existing pipe and cured by steam                       
A durable liner is inserted into a neighborhood sewage pipe as part of the cured in place pipe lining (CIPPL) process, a key method of trenchless technology.

 CIPP liner is inserted in existing pipe                                                      

Once the pipe lining is fully in place, the application of hot steam will transform the lining into a new pipe that will have a lifespan of up to 50 years. 

Employee Highlight: Marvin Roberts



Local contractors working with CDM Smith, the engineering firm hired by the City of Shreveport to comply with the consent decree and rehabilitate/replace Shreveport’s aging sewer system, are enhancing their careers by what they are learning while doing the job. The Clean Water Shreveport Program has allowed locals to learn new technology; that knowledge will stay in Shreveport when the program is completed.


Trenchless technology, including Cured In Place Pipe Lining (CIPPL), is a relatively new (to Shreveport) technology that allows sewer pipes to be lined with a resin liner that’s very strong. Contractors can put it in a pipe from manhole to manhole rather than digging up someone’s yard. It’s not only fast, it’s saving the city millions of dollars. Right now, the City of Shreveport is using more trenchless technology than anyone in the country.


Local individuals and companies are learning this new technology, so that when the Clean Water Shreveport Program is finished they can use this knowledge on other projects.      


The program is lifting up local people so that they can compete better locally, regionally and even nationally.


Marvin Roberts graduated from Louisiana Tech in Engineering in 2010 and worked for Horton Construction. Originally from the Bahamas, Marvin has lived in Shreveport since his graduation.


After working for another construction company, he was recruited by CDM Smith in 2016 as a part of IMS Engineers to work on the Clean Water Shreveport Program, and started as a Residential Project Representative inspecting jobs. During this time, he took on the mission of becoming a student of the specifications and operation methods of the program team to better equip him to perform at his job. In August 2017 he was promoted to Assistant Construction Manager and is now a Construction Manager.


Marvin’s dream is pursuing his professional engineering license and working under the Clean Water Shreveport engineers has further encouraged him to accomplish that goal. His grandfather owned a construction company, and inspired him. He says, “It was never in me to do a halfway job.”  

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