Pay Your Water Bill or View Your Account

The City of Shreveport Department of Water and Sewerage is implementing a new water billing system called Utility Management Billing System (UMBS).   Use the buttons to pay by credit card or one time bank draft, or see the pay-by-mail information below.

To Mail Payments: 

Make check payable to COS-Water & Sewerage

City of Shreveport
P.O. Box 30065
Shreveport, LA 71153-0065

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                                                                              One Time BD_sm  Does NOT work in Chrome or older versions of Internet Explorer

Advancements in Internet privacy and data security protocols have rendered the site unavailable with Chrome and older versions of Internet Explorer.  A new site is under development and expected to be released in October 2020.

DISCLAIMER:   Downloading another  browser may affect the browser's Transport Level Security protocol that is used to help with privacy and data security over the Internet.    The CIty of Shreveport does not advise lowering your Transport Level Security. 

  1. 1.  Identify your operating system.
  2. 2.  Download one of the browsers.
  3. 3.  Go to the One-time ACH Payments page.
  4. 4.  If you lowered your Transport Level Security, we suggest that you reset it back to a higher level.

Please consider downloading one of the following browsers to launch the One Time Bank Draft window.