Louisiana Venture Capital Organizations

The information provided under this category is provided as a courtesy. No endorsement is intended by the inclusion herein of the following four venture capital organizations.

Source Capital Corporation
The Source Capital Corporation handles corporate finance, equity and debt investments. They also provide venture capital for seed, start-up, first stage, second stage, acquisitions, business sales, debt placement, and government guaranteed loans. The minimum investment is $100,000, but the preferred investment is $250,000 to $600,000.

Also, Source Capital’s subsidiary, First Louisiana Business and Industrial Development Corporation (First BIDCO), has certified lender status from the SBA to originate SBA 7(a) guaranteed loans. Call 225-612-2583 for more information.

Stonehenge Capital Corporation
Stonehenge Capital Corporation is venture capital subsidiary of Bank One, and functions either as originator or investor in deals created by others. They provide capital for expansions, later stage, mezzanine, leveraged buyouts, and acquisitions. The minimum investment is $500,000, but the preferred investment is $1 million to $2.5 million. Generally they do not work with start-up companies.

Stonehenge Capital Corporation prefers companies with a history of three to five years of successful sales that are recognized as a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) by the SBA. Call 225-408-3000 for more information.

Hibernia Southcoast Capital
Hibernia Southcoast Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hibernia Corporation, and is a New Orleans-based institutional investment banking boutique. The firm's primary lines of business are equity research, equity trading, institutional sales, and corporate finance for established companies.

Call 800-666-9174 for more information.

BizCapital BIDCO
BizCapital BIDCO provides commercial financing, mezzanine financing, and venture capital for Louisiana businesses. Capital is provided for start-ups, expansions, leveraged buy-outs, acquisitions, and other business purposes. The minimum investment is $100,000, but the preferred investment $1,000,000 with no maximum.

BizCapital BIDCO is a certified SBA lender, and is the largest volume SBA lender in Louisiana (FY 2000) and a top SBA minority lender in the state. Venture capital is provided through affiliate Advantage Capital Partners LLC. Call 504-832-1993 for more information.

UPS Capital
The goal of UPS Capital is to combine financial services with other capabilities of UPS to provide the expertise and resources for companies to enhance their competitive advantage and expand their businesses by leveraging the supply chain and flow of goods, information, and funds through a global service provider - the United Parcel Service.

Products and services include:
  • Business credit
  • Distribution finance (asset based lending and structured finance)
  • Global trade finance
  • Leasing
  • Trade protection services

Call 972-360-2373 for more information.