Rates & Charges

Water Rates

  • A flat monthly customer charge, depending on meter size.
  • A monthly quantity charge per 1,000 gallons of metered usage of water with separate quantity charges for residential, commercial, and industrial users. Outside-city users are charged using a different quantity charge fee structure.
  • Various annual charges are levied for private and public fire hydrants and fire protection systems.

Sewer Rates

  • A flat monthly customer charge.
  • A monthly quantity charge per 1,000 gallons based on either the actual metered consumption or the winter months average consumption, whichever is less. Winter monthly average is calculated using monthly consumption from November through February, disregarding the high and low months, and averaging the two remaining months. If a customer has not established a winter monthly average, a flat rate sewer charge may be used.
  • Commercial and industrial sewer charges are based on actual water consumed each month, with adjustments authorized for cooling tower evaporation or product use. The customer must install a water meter approved by the Office of Water and Sewerage, on the cooling tower to be eligible for this adjustment.
  • The City of Shreveport has an EPA-approved pretreatment program, which limits the discharge of certain wastewater into the sewer system. Some materials or types of wastewater are virtually prohibited, while others may be discharged only through permitting and/or when excess strength surcharges are assessed. More information about sewerage discharge and the pretreatment requirements may be obtained from:
    • Permits Center
      Government Plaza
      Room 130
      Shreveport, LA 71101
    • Ph: 318-673-7697