Section 800

Vendor Application Package

Revised June 24, 2021
You can email, mail, or fax your completed vendor packet to the City with the exception of the Adjudicated Property Affidavit.

Print out the complete package, even if you plan to complete the Vendor Application online because this package includes important Instructions for bidders, “How to Bid” information, credit references, and insurance requirements. Return to this section for the online Vendor Application Form Instructions if you plan to email your application.

Online Application Form

You will need to provide the appropriate information requested in the highlighted boxes on the online vendor application that is applicable to your firm. In order to input in the highlighted areas, click on the box until a border and an active cursor shows up. You will then be able to type in that box.

When you are ready to list the commodity codes, refer to the instructions for obtaining a vendor’s application and commodity codes for the City of Shreveport that you printed as part of the Vendor Application Package. This version of the application supports filling out, printing, and saving the form on your computer.

Submitting an Application

Once you have completed the Vendor Application, email your completed form to the Purchasing Division. In the message area, list any additional commodity codes, questions, requests for copies of IFBs, RFPs, or RFSs that you could not download from our website, and etc.