Litter (Floatables)

Litter Included in the NPDES Program

Floatables are defined as litter that floats on the water surface. Floatables include many plastics, such as:

  • Milk bottles
  • Motor oil containers
  • Plastic grocery and shopping bags
  • Soda bottles
  • Some aluminum products such as empty cans
Floatables, unlike other NPDES targeted pollutants such as fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, are the most visually polluting. They are also a problem in that they clog storm water entryways such as storm drains causing a potential flooding hazard. They are the most noticeable pollutant because they are the largest, but the good news is they are also the most easily controlled.

How You Can Help
The main way to control floatables is not to litter and to pick up trash you see instead of walking by it. This will help beautify not only your neighborhood, but help the entire watershed area. Who wants a river or lake with trash floating on it?