Property Standards


Property Standards prime responsibility is to protect the safety and welfare of the community by working to reverse and alter trends of deterioration in our neighborhoods.

Property Standards provides protection against those blights which are dangerous or potentially dangerous to human life or detrimental to our community.


List of possible issues handled by Property Standards:
  • Nuisance / Care of Premise - The city prohibits property that is occupied or unoccupied to have junk, trash, debris, building material, improper storage, appliances, car parts / dismantled vehicles, swimming pools in disrepair or neglected state, fallen dead trees or unsound fence(s).
  • Residential Substandard Structure - A dilapidated house that does not provide adequate shelter and endangers the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens. Substandard structures may include those structures which have a roof caving in, structures that have been burned, structures with a deteriorated porches, walls, steps, garage or shed. and those in severe need of protective treatment.
  • Inoperable Vehicles - Any motor vehicle incapable of being moved under it's own power.
  • Bill Dispute - Any questions concerning bills or liens for Property Standards violations.
  • Non-residential Substandard Building - A non-residential building shall mean a building which is primarily designed and/or zoned for commercial and public purposes. No person, owner, party-in-interest, agent, or tenant shall occupy, lease or sublease any building or structure designed or intended to be used for nonresidential purposes located within the corporate limits of the City of Shreveport which endangers the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens.
  • Disputing Ownership - Does not currently own, sold the property, or never owned the property.
  • Overgrown Property - City Ordinance requires grass and weeds not to exceed 12 inches in height.
  • Securing - Any vacant dwelling, building, or structure that has open windows, open doors or missing windows, and doors which are potentially dangerous to the safety of any person.
  • Boat Houses and Piers - No person shall lease or sublease, or otherwise use any boathouse or pier for the purpose of living or sleeping or otherwise maintain any such property within the corporate limits of the City of Shreveport which does not comply with the ordinance. If a boathouse has become deteriorated as a result of exposure to the environment, wind, rain, or fire damage; or the roof, windows, doors or portions of the structure are not capable of protecting the building and/or its contents from the weather or the structure cannot be used for its intended purpose. If a pier has become structurally deteriorated, in danger of collapse, cannot withstand the forces of nature, or is not capable of supporting the load with normal use, may cause to be placed thereon.