Shreveport Energy Efficiency Division (SEED)

Energy Audit Program
We have had over 200 people to participate in the SEED Residential Energy Audit program. In fact, 40% of the people that have had an energy analysis done on their home have implemented the improvements! Don't wait, get you home energy rating today.

The city has a goal of retrofitting several government buildings, upgrading building codes to include energy efficiency measures and offering Financial Incentives for citizens' participation.

An energy audit only costs $100 and low interest residential energy upgrade financing is available.

  • Select State-Certified Rater - Get your home / building rated
  • Select Licensed Contractor - Find a contractor to perform the work
  • Contact Partner Lender - Apply for financial assistance through a bank lender
  • Contact State Certified Rater - Contact rater to have final audit performed

Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG)
Shreveport has received $1,977,900 from the EECBG program

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment of 2009, the City of Shreveport was awarded an Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant in excess of $1.9 million. The purpose of these funds is to assist the city in creating and establishing strategies which will:
  • Reduce fossil fuel emissions in a manner that is environmentally sustainable
  • Reduce the total energy used by the city
  • Improve energy efficiency in buildings, transportation and other appropriate sectors

Citizen Committee
In late 2009, Mayor Glover appointed a citizens committee to evaluate potential energy efficiency projects and programs for the city to undertake with this funding, and to advise the city of its recommendations. The city submitted the projects to the U. S. Department of Energy (the agency charged with administering the grant), and by the end of 2010, the following projects had received approval and were ready to be implemented:
  • Residential Energy Audit Program
  • Residential Energy Efficiency Retrofit Financing Assistance
  • Development of Greenhouse Gas and Energy Use Baseline Information for Area
  • Development/Refinement of Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategy

Funding was also allocated to upgrade lighting for the city's Festival Plaza, conduct energy audits of a number of city buildings, and create an Energy Efficiency Division at City Hall.

Other Programs
Our Mayor and the City of Shreveport supports conservation and sustainability. Programs, such as Just Curb It, are among many of this administration's efforts to encourage citizens of Shreveport to live a greener and more energy efficient lifestyle.