Property Recovery

Stolen, Seized & Relinquished Properties

In compliance with L.A.R.S. 33:2333 concerning the disposition of stolen, seized, or relinquished property, it is the intention of the City of Shreveport to dispose of non-contraband property that has been in the policy department property management bureau longer than 150 days.

If you have any property on any published list, the City of Shreveport hereby asks you to present proof of loss and ownership; any property not claimed within two weeks of notice will be disposed of the City of Shreveport in accordance with the guidelines set forth in R.S. 33:2322.

Claims shall be made in person at:
Shreveport Police Department Property Management Bureau
825 Hope Street
Shreveport, LA 71101

Claim Review

All claims will be reviewed by the assistant chief of police / Support Division or the Property Management Bureau sergeant; the purpose of which is to establish validity of crime, and to determine any losses previously compensated by insurance companies. All claimants will be notified by return mail.

Release of Impounded Vehicles

To obtain a release for an impounded vehicle, you will need the following:
  • Proof of ownership (title / registration)
  • Picture identification (driver’s license preferred)
  • Proof of insurance (if registered in Louisiana)
  • City marshal’s release (if tickets were written)

Vehicles are released only to the registered owner or agent with a notarized statement.