Internal Audit

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You can anonymously report wrongdoing and waste through the Fraud Hotline.

Send your questions on city policies and procedures with the Ask an Auditor form.

Office Responsibilities

We perform audits that identify and evaluate whether the city is adequately and properly:
  • Accomplishing its goals and objectives
  • Safeguarding assets from loss or misuse
  • Complying with applicable laws and regulations


We are an independent appraisal function established within the City of Shreveport to examine and evaluate activities as a service to city management. We are the city's principal provider of outstanding, cost effective, comprehensive audit coverage with the utmost professionalism, and objectivity.


Our mission is to provide independent and objective reviews and assessments of the city’s activities, operations, financial systems, and internal controls.

The Office of Internal Audit assists management in:
  • Investigating fraud, waste and misuse
  • Continuous quality improvement of operations
  • Promoting operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ensuring adherence to city policies and procedures
We accomplish our mission by carrying out an annual audit plan that utilizes a combination of rotation and risk analysis to review critical areas of operations. To ensure the appropriate level of independence and objectivity, the City Internal Auditor reports to the Audit and Finance Sub-Committee and the City Council.

The City Charter of 1978 established a City Internal Auditor position, along with the necessary staff to fulfill an internal audit function. The City Council appoints the City Internal Auditor. Our independence and objectivity is maintained by reporting directly to the City Council, and also, by not having direct authority over any department or activity subject to audit.