Divers & Water Rescue

Each year, the river, lakes and bayous in Shreveport provide countless hours of entertainment and relaxation for our citizens. However, the elements of danger and tragedy are always connected to water-related activities. The Shreveport Fire Department Water Rescue Team has, for over thirty years, provided emergency response to drowning, attempted suicides and accidents, and has recovered property and vehicles for area law enforcement agencies.

Rescue Successes

In 1995, the Water Rescue Team was dispatched to more than 40 assignments, including:
  • 12 attempted suicides from local bridges, two of which actually entered the water and were successfully removed
  • Assisted law enforcement on five occasions for weapons recovery or homicide victim search
  • One chemical release, and the body recovery of two drowning victims
  • Seven stand-by assignments for special events
The team has received a 16 foot support trailer that will be used on extended assignments, and a 12 foot inflatable raft for rapid deployment. Five new divers were added this year and nearly 100 man hours of training were completed.