Universal Digital Access


Residents of Shreveport will soon have the option of getting free internet thanks to a new partnership between the City of Shreveport and Shreve Memorial Library. Universal Digital Access is a new public service providing Wi-Fi through the libraries using a newly developed city cellular network. 

The service is available to anyone who has a library card and lives within the coverage zone.


What is Universal Digital Access?
Universal Digital Access is a new initiative of the City of Shreveport and Shreve Memorial Library to provide free, home internet access using the city’s cellular network. The service is provided free of charge to Shreve Memorial Library cardholders located within the coverage zone of the city’s cellular network.

Who is eligible?
Any Shreve Memorial Library cardholder located within the coverage zone of the city’s cellular network is eligible for the service.

How do I know if I live in the coverage zone?
To find out if you live within the coverage zone, https://smartinternet.shreveportla.gov/ and input your address into the form. The website will then determine whether your address falls within the coverage zone. If so, the site will advise you to visit the Shreve Memorial Library branch to obtain a Universal Digital Access kit.

How does it work?
The Universal Digital Access service is a point-to-point wireless network riding on the library’s existing fiber. The library will issue devices to card-holding citizens that live in the coverage zone; allowing them to connect to that network and utilize the service.

Is Universal Digital Access available at all library branches?
No, Universal Digital Access will be available on November 1, 2022, at the following Shreve Memorial Library branches:

Wallette Branch, 363 Hearne Avenue

Atkins Branch, 3704 Greenwood Road

               Cedar Grove-Line Avenue Branch, 8303 Line Avenue

               Hollywood/Union Avenue Branch, 2105 Hollywood Avenue

Why is the service not available at all Shreve Memorial Library branches?
The pilot libraries selected are in the most disconnected areas of the city according to our coverage map. Our goal is to eventually extend services to additional branches, how soon we’re able to expand is dependent on available funding. 

How can I get a Universal Digital Access Kit?
Visit one of the following Shreve Memorial Library branches listed above to check out a Universal Digital Access Kit. You will need to present your Shreve Memorial Library card and provide your address to verify that you live within the coverage zone.

Is there a limit to how many Universal Digital Access kits I can check out?
Yes, Universal Digital Access kits are limited to 1 kit per cardholder.

Do I need to sign up for Universal Digital Access?
No, Universal Digital Access is available to anyone in the coverage zone with a Shreve Memorial Library card. Universal Digital Access kits are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How long can I keep the Universal Digital Access Kit?
Universal Digital Access kits can be checked out for a period of 6 months. At the end of the 6 months, the kit will need to be returned to the library branch from which it was checked out. The kit can be checked out again as long as there are no prior holds on the kit.

What happens if I don’t return the kit or lose the kit?
Kits not returned or lost will incur a $350 loss fee. Kits that are returned damaged will incur a $25 partial damage fee. Damages can include but are not limited to missing chargers, broken antennae, etc.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues with the device?
For technical support, please contact the branch from which the device was checked out. If library staff are unable to solve the technical issue, a support ticket will be created for further assistance.