Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Division was originally created to serve as an independent quality control agency and regulatory monitoring authority for the Water and Sewerage Department.

The role of the office has expanded, and now includes providing regulatory/environmental guidance and assistance to all City departments. In addition, the Environmental Services Division oversees the City’s Brownfield program; air quality improvement initiatives; city-owned underground storage tank monitoring and compliance; Cross Lake Watershed management program; and the City’s storm water and industrial pretreatment programs.

  1. Air Quality
  2. Drinking Water Quality
  3. Brownfields Program
  4. Storm Water Section
  5. Cross Lake
  6. Industrial Pretreatment Section
  1. Air Quality Information
    Find out more about the quality of the air in Shreveport.
  2. Ozone Improvement
    Find out more about ozone improvement projects.
  3. Ozone Level
    Browse information on the ozone level in Shreveport.