Storm Water Monitoring Program

Wet Weather Monitoring
The city has five wet weather monitoring stations. The intent is to monitor specific areas of the city to chart storm water runoff quality. Each of the five stations is representative of the following types of land uses:
  • Commercial
  • Heavy industrial
  • Light industrial
  • Suburban residential
  • Urban residential
The city equips each of these stations with automated samplers, flow meters, and rain gauges to perform the required sampling at each of these stations. Grab samples, composite sample retrieval, and field tests are performed by city storm water personnel. Composite samples are transported to the city operated Lucas Laboratory where the storm water is tested for a variety of pollutants.

Data from these storm events are tracked over time looking for trends of improvement or degradation. Special emphasis is placed on an area when pollutants are found during a storm event to be abnormally high. Efforts are made to track down the source of pollution.
Dry Weather Screening
In an effort to improve the quality of lakes and streams, the city seeks out and eliminates illegal discharges and improper disposals to the municipal storm sewer system. The city storm water staff does this by going to over 750 strategically located points.
Visual observations are made and recorded. In cases where there is flow coming to these outfalls a sample is pulled. A series of up to 15 indicator tests are run on the sample in the field. In most cases, it is determined that the flow is not a source of pollution, such as ground water seepage, broken water line, or a permitted discharge.

When tests indicate the possibility of pollution, every effort is made to track down the source and eliminate the discharge.
Wet Weather Screening
Wet weather screening is carried out on various sections of the city to detect pollutants washing off sites during rain events. A sample is pulled during the first flush of a storm event.

Visual observations and indicator tests are performed and recorded. When tests show the possibility of pollution, followup screening is performed.
A person with a rain jacket on standing on a bridge while wet weather screening