Recruiting & Hiring

The Shreveport Fire Department was started in 1839 and for more than 150 years, Shreveport firefighters have worked tirelessly to provide emergency and non-emergency services to this community while maintaining the high standards of the profession.  Each year, this department strives to be more efficient and effective as we meet new challenges.

The Shreveport Fire Department employment offers opportunities to qualified individuals on a non-discriminatory basis.  Listed below are the beginning steps for the hiring process. In order to be eligible for our process you must have a valid civil service test score on file with the Louisiana State Examiner and be within the ages of 18-28.  If you meet these requirements, you must submit the applicant screening packet before 5:00 PM on the deadline date listed below.

Application Deadline:  October 16, 2020

You must have an active test score during the entire process.  If your test score will expire, you must take another test to replace this score in order to continue in the hiring process.


  1. Earn a valid test score from the Louisiana Office of State Examiner.
  2. Submit completed Shreveport Fire Department Application packet.  Complete Online Applicationor mail to:
    Shreveport Fire Applicant/Your Name
    6440 Greenwood Road
    Shreveport, LA 71119
  3. Review of: Screening Packets, Certifications, Transcripts
  4. SFD Agility Testing
  5. SFD Interviews
  6. SFD Applicant Ranking

Applications submitted online can be tracked using the SFD App number that is given when submitted online.
Those applicants selected for hire will be contacted by a Shreveport Hiring Representative.

If you have questions, you can always contact the Hiring Office @ 318-673-6777.