2020 HERA Awards & Cora M. Allen Luncheon

The Shreveport Mayor’s Women’s Commission will celebrate National Women’s History Month with its annual Cora M. Allen Luncheon on Wednesday, March 4, 2020.  Valiant Women of the Vote” is the theme for this year’s National Women’s History Celebration, which marks the 39th Anniversary.

Mayor Adrian Perkins and the Shreveport Mayor's Women's Commission will host the 11th event to recognize local women for their untiring and selfless volunteer efforts to be Helpful, Effective, and Responsible Advocates (HERA) for Shreveport women and youth.

The 2020 HERA Award winners are:

  1. Crystal Tate-Barnes - Education (Principal of Booker T. Washington High School)
  2. Retrina Mays & Nicole Howard - Francis - Advocacy  (Founders of Perfect Fit the Ethan & Nicholas Autism Foundation)
  3. Tabatha Taylor - Quality of Life (Founder of Odyssey Foundation)
If you're interested in attending, sign up https://2020coramallen.eventbrite.com

This year's speaker is Gisele Proby-Bryant.