Engineering Services

The following is a list of the services handled by the Engineering Division.

  • Map/Copy Request

Please download Map/Copy Request form and submit as much information as possible. 
fax: 318-673-6004 or email.
  • Digital Data Request

Please download Digital Data Request form and submit as much information as possible. fax: 318-673-6004 or email.

  • Engineering Standards and Manual Books

Shreveport standard specifications for streets, storm drainage, water, and sewerage includes standard specifications for materials and construction methods for public works improvements in the City of Shreveport.
Books are available at:
The City Engineer's Office
Government Plaza
505 Travis St., Suite 300
Shreveport, LA 71101

  • Request for New Address

    Addresses for new buildings are requested when applying for a building permit.  This is included in the building permit application through My Government Online.  Any other requests/questions can be directed to Sharon Eads at 318-673-6000. 

  • Digital Submission Info

The City of Shreveport has issued ordinance No. 143 of 2011 that requires any plan for any facility or public infrastructure improvement required to be submitted for review and approval on paper and/or in electronic format in accordance with the requirements contained in the City of Shreveport Standard Specifications for Digital Submission of Documents for Improvement Plans, Final Subdivision Plats, Site Plans, and GIS data.

Step 1: Subdivision Form 

Subdivision plat completed, approved and filed.


Plat Review Request Form 

Step 2: Media and Metadata Information
Engineers, architects, and developers must use the following list of file documents for all digital plans on CD-R or DVD-R in accordance with the Digital Submission of Documents specs.

All media should be labeled with the following:

    Note: media not labeled or partially labeled will not be accepted.

    Step 3: CAD file Submission

    All media should contain the following electronic files:
    For the City's seed file for subdivision and/or site plan click here

    Note: your approval process maybe delayed if your digital files are not complete.

    Step 4: Email information

    All complete information should be submitted to email.